My Story

SAD hikerWe waste so much precious time and energy. What happens, what areas of your life, body, work, family, health, wealth, and fun could be more well served with more presence? Deliberate attention. Love. That’s right! A big helping of loving yourself.

As a coach I help you realize your own, deep seated truth. The one you’ve been ignoring. The power that frightens you. The grandeur of yourself you’ve been denying. The loveliness of a lighter sense of being, a clarified sense of purpose, permission to choose yourself first.

I speak from experience. I’m familiar with the road map of “not-enough”, the illusion of perfection, of readiness, of being a people pleaser. The shells of protection are hard to crack. I’ve been chipping away at mine for quite awhile.

And I’ve realized owning my truth, loving myself, and daring to have courage to shift is worth the effort. It’s so much easier to breathe on the other side of hiding. And running. 

I am a paradigm shifting, vibration raising Capricorn with Gemini rising. I’m a scientist, use tarot, I talk to spirits and angels, and I speak for animals. I have over 10 years as a Certified riding instructor & trainer, am an athlete, and a life time student of personal growth, self-confidence, with an open ear to intuition. My personal coaching and workshop facilitation for equestrians, athletes, women and teen aged girls allows me to impact more people more profoundly. What could you accomplish with the power of believing in yourself?  

My bold, artistic, adventurous style and direct questioning lead my clients to impactful personal insights. Participants gain confidence, a new perspective, and a whole new appreciation for who they are, what they have accomplished, what they’re capable of creating.

I love witnessing people’s self-discovery, expansion, and the grand adventure  of realizing one’s true potential, true desires, and one’s true strength.

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If you’re an HSP…a Highly Sensitive Person who may get easily overwhelmed by noise, crowds, lights, the confines of corporate culture, feel a cocoon is the safest place to be….Namaste

and you yearn to live your desires, raise the roof, be confident in your own skin…

You want to live life attuned to your core values,

want to operate from a place of clarity, confidence, and joy,

want to vibrate with love, and awareness,

and kick some ass….we’re a great match!

Ready to shift paradigms, raise your vibration, and starting loving your life?!?