Big Love

Curious about the Coaching Experience? Here’s what some lovelies had to say about their time with me:

Thank you Stephanie for teaching Benita and I everything there was to understand about each other. You made us bloom into beautiful, wild flowers and I am forever grateful for your coaching.” Molly E. B.

Stephanie has been my heart-whisperer for the better part of six months. She is healing. She is liberation. She is deep faith and divine knowing. Her abilities both to listen and hear are unrivaled. If you do yourself the favor of working with Stephanie, she will take your hand and put it over your heart, and, somehow, she will make it speak up, shine gentle sunlight on it until it unfolds and reveals itself to you. You will know yourself better; you will accept the bits that have been harder to accept, because she will have helped you to see how they are essential to the bigger picture of YOU. With every fiber of my being, I suggest gifting yourself the transformation that comes from working with Stephanie.                                 Helen McLaughlin

“I so value your presence in my life. I love your bad-ass sensitivity and care. I will never see horses the same because of you. Thank you Stephanie!” Shila S.

“Stephanie was one of the best role models and teachers I’ve ever had. When I was taking riding lessons with Stephanie as a teenager, I owned a feisty little Connemara pony that I desperately loved but who was very similar to me in personality; high strung, needy and a bit immature! Even though I did not know it at the time, and only really have understood it years later, Stephanie saw how this predicament affected my confidence as a rider and my interactions with my pony. She helped me work through my frustrations with myself as a rider and as a teenage girl and establish a positive relationship with my horse, one that was founded on my love of riding and my love for my pony. She taught me how to respect the natural instincts and reactions of my pony and work together as partners, rather than as rider and animal. Through the ups and downs in my riding career, she never gave up on me and never let me lose my passion for horses and for the sport, but gave me the space and the tools I needed to make those important realizations for myself. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity worked with her both as a rider and as a person, and I would highly recommend her coaching sessions to any person looking to rekindle their passion of the sport, regain confidence in themselves, or simply work with an incredibly wise and patient individual on being the best person they can be.” Caitlin P.

“I started a belief ritual and part of my routine is your practice saying I’m awesome. It has really worked Stephanie. I’m feeling so much more confident about more worth and I’m starting to see the benefits. I wanted just say thanks so much for that!” Nicole W.