What do Heritage + Belief Systems Have to Do with Each Other?

It starts with a little voice from somewhere in the back….”I think I want to start riding again.”
Hmmmm…I wasn’t expecting that. Being curious, I decided to sign up for Human Beingwherever this inkling was headed.

But, it brings up a lot of shit! Wheel barrels full.

The back story: I’ve always loved horses. I’ve had horses since I was 9. I was invited onto the intercollegiate team + I was honest I’d never had a lesson in my life. I could ride though.

I made a living teaching. “Creating better humans for horses” was my tag line, my belief system, and still is.

I was in a car accident in late 2012 and as a result of my injuries gave up my teaching + riding. And the fear of not being good enough came roaring up to the front. It’d been nagging me for a while. So I just stopped riding the crazy ones. After the accident I stopped riding. Period.

And then the voice…I want to ride again. Ok. Let’s see where we go.

My requirements for a horse are the same now as they were 10 years ago. Brave, ballsy, a game personality, 5-8 years old, and under 15 hands. Cool. I’m consistent.

I’m here, in Vermont, house sitting for my parents. All alone for 4 days… A good friend challenges me to stick to my list (I’ve been hell bent on a super safe 14 year old horse). And find something closer than 13 hours. One way. She’s right.

I google “horse for sale in VT”. Mind you, my horse shopping is purely based on the energy I get surveying a photo, watching a video. I’ve spent hours looking at horses. Probably years by now. The one who piques my interest is a cute little 3 year old Morgan being driven through town. I  call, make arrangements to go see him.

I’ve already made lunch plans with my Gram. Spit fire. Ballsy. Brave. Honest. With a real passion for horses. The same mentality as her! I decide Gram will be up for a post-lunch adventure.

She loved it. The owners of the farm loved her. Talked horses, talked farming, appreciated good honest people. Heritage. Me. My Gram. Good ole’ Vermont Morgans.

The 3 year old was everything they described. At first I declined to ride him. I had come to Vermont totally unprepared to horse shop. Then I decided to step out of my old pattern and ride the horse. If I’m serious, just get on.

Right. Just start.11247758_951876774909333_1251260659_n

So I rode. And he was good. He was comfortable. He was ok taking directives from a stranger who hasn’t ridden in more than 2 years. And he was so much more confident outside. Fabulous. That’s what I need.

On the way home Gram says the horses + watching me ride again were better than the Maple Cream frosted cupcake dessert. It’s not just grandmotherly pride or compliments. She was a horse lady. She has a good eye. She’s watched me my entire life and still can’t believe I gave up riding for almost 3 years.

“What did you think of Cash?”

Oh, god. Thinking. Feeling. Ugh.

Mind you, I’m known for being very picky (good +bad) with horses. It’s not personal. Just the facts. So I started there.

Gram’s a smart lady. And savvy. She was a crisis counselor for over 50 years. She can see bullshit from a mile away. “What did you really think?”

I don’t know if I can do it.

Baffled. Dismayed. Confused. “But, you’re a trainer. You’ve ridden hot, damaged horses. He’s calm, agreeable.”

“I don’t think I’m a good enough rider.” There. I said it. Out loud.

Fuck. Saying it out loud to my grandmother was worse than my inside voice saying it to myself.

I spewed “what if’s” until the cows came home. She listened. And had a counter-point for everything.

Wise. True. But,…what if it’s not…….

I am a good rider. I’m a fantastic teacher. I’m an incredible facilitator of energy + understanding between animals + humans. Facts.

My current belief system is keeping me from my life long passion (and a few other things too. Friggin’ insidious).

Belief System reboot: The magic happens when I believe enough to start.

Maybe it’s about living instead of hiding. Daring instead of shrinking.step in

Heritage: I come from a long line of ballsy, brave, empathetic healers. And horse women.

Belief System: I. Am. Enough.

Practice. Mantras. Loving myself. Letting go. Letting it in.

I. Am. Enough.



Corralling the Amoeba

12534081_1767523933468436_2055093400_n(1)“That’s what shifting to being my own boss feels like. Corralling the amoeba!” And I laughed at the image. It felt exactly right.

I was in conversation with a dear friend. A confident, ball-busting, power house woman who inspires me with her beauty + her grit. Here we were talking about the same struggle.

We’ve known each other through thick + thin, many layers + transformations. 20 years ago, as a corporate team, we were feared, revered, kicking-ass, taking names, + getting it done with high compliments from customers. We were brave, oh-so-confident. Alas, corporate ethics didn’t sit well with our rebellious nature.

Now we we’re starting our own businesses. And we’re terrified. Of ourselves.

If we were working for each other the job would be done by morning. Working for myself, I get distracted by….the kitty. Or the other kitty. Or my need to unpack a box. Or say “yes” when I should say “no”. Or “not now”.

I’ve become really good at saying “no” to myself.

I can see it all. Playing small. My perfectionism. My people pleasing. I can even see how I struggle at the edge of my comfort zone. Yet, I can’t get my shit together. The amoeba.

So, how exactly, am I supposed to corral this morphing, shape shifting, barely defined thing? How do you put yourself first, be brave, + put out the work you know will help so many people?

Do the work.

Say “yes” to me.


Get a Coach.

I appreciate the reframe. My coach is fantastic at helping me discover where I’m already being brave. And strong. I’ve got my lariat.

Creating a system, a map, a schedule, an accountability check-in. Sticking to it. Really. (Sorry kitties). I’ve got my roping saddle.

Breathe. Write. Make the call. Don’t sign up for that e-course. Put the knowledge, the heart, the desire to raise vibrations to work. Trust the process. Keep moving forward. Because this stuck place is sooo uncomfortable. Do. The. Work. I’ve got my horse.

Now, where’s that fucking amoeba?

Corralling the amoeba is tricky. It’s slow moving. Gelatinous. No real definition. But, tangible.

Like my fear of my strength. The pervasive fear I’m not enough. For what? I’m so good at what I do. My heart is in it. My spirit is in it. My mind is the amoeba.

With my tools, some dedication, + support I can tune in to myself. Here little amoeba….

Saying yes, playing bigger, being a powerful force, a brilliant change agent. I’ve been that person. I want to be that person again. I’ve been that person all along.

We all struggle with corralling the amoeba at some stage, some layer of our lives. Recognizing the space for what it is, resistance to ourselves, is the first gate to open. Then watch out for the stampede of powerful forces.

Willingness to step into your true self, your higher good, opens up manifestation + synchronicity.

Possibility. Is. Everywhere.

Work + desire + ass kicking. It feels good. It’s doable. It’s fabulous.

The amoeba of fog, frustration, not-getting-my-shit-together, has been contained. Use the tools to do the work you were meant to do. Not wage war upon yourself.


“Love You Long Time” + My Heart Cracks

Growth. Change. They say it’s like peeling an onion.

Mine is cracking. Of my heart. To let the light in.

The first real crack last week was wonderful. No pain in the least. It was beautiful and my heart swelled with an omnipresent glow + admiration for the possibility of love. And it kept at it through several layers of my own edge.IMG_4694

Our good friend, The Carny, sent us a gift on a silly FB dare. The first ray of light + big belly laugh was the package label. “Cupcake Drum”. A big Scandinavian man who is funny, always, giggling, + generous as they come referred to his tough buddy as “Cupcake”. I love it!

Then the gifts were a ray of light. Swear word coloring books. Priceless. I laughed so hard Cupcake got swear word coloring as therapy. Perfect. And a book for me. Because I swear + color + dared. Maybe I’m a cupcake too.

Really, the gift was the note inside. More powerful, far reaching, and valuable than The Carny could’ve known. “Love you long time.”

Love you long time. Love. You. Long. Time.

Sit with that for a minute.

I welled up with tears + my heart swelled for humanity. Here was this man of man telling his friends he loved them. Not some garbled mumbled half-drunk shoulder punch declaration of brotherhood. “Love you long time.” Love. Gratitude. Permission to give + receive. Connection + love we all crave. Need.

I thought about that note all week. I had great convo with electric women about raising vibrations, offerings to the world, community, personal growth, + how we all desire to be loved. We are passionate about life + our work + learning to be graceful with ourselves. With each of them I felt “Love you long time”. It. Just. Was. Beautiful.

The next big crack was probably an 8.2 on the Richter Scale. Holy Crap. Seatbelt required. Really all I needed was a mirror. I need to love myself. I need to say “Love you long time” to me. Tears. Fissures. Light. Damn it. I know this. “Love you long time”….”Love you long time”…”Love you long time”.

IMG_4838This isn’t peeling any damn onion. This is hard. Resistance can be a bit of a trickster to identify. Motivation to change is just wanting. Dedication to change is brave.

What’s possible if I acknowledge + allow myself the same love I felt from a note in a package? Big crack. Big light. I am that for so many people. And deny myself. How interesting. “Love you long time”….”Love you long time”…”Love you long time”.

This week I’m on a mission (read: dedicated) to my intent-full intentional mantra: “Love. You. Long. Time.” Say it enough + you start to feel it. Try it on. It’s expansive. Delicious.

Watch for the signs (thank you to The Carny for the provocation) and have a mirror; someone to reflect back for you, call your bluff, point out the blind spot. They love you. Love yourself.

How are you shortchanging yourself on love?
Experiment with giving yourself the same love you freely give to others.

What’s possible for you if you looked at the world, your day, yourself through the eyes of an open heart?

Strike a chord with you? Know someone who would be interested? Please share with your friends.

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The Mystique of Uncomfortability + Metamorphosis

I just can’t get my shit together.

I’ve been saying it for months. Feeling desperate. Angst. Itchy in my own skin. And I just can’t quite put my finger on it. Until last week. Awakening + uncomfortable + recognition. All at once.

Hmm. How interesting……I want to change. To grow. To become more of who I am before the world told me who I should be.

I want Ease, Abundance, Grace. Yet, I feel trapped in busyness, doing, scarcity, and fractured energy reactivity. Not graceful at all. Except moments when I am who I am. (You can check out one such moment here.)

So, WHY? Why Santy Claus, Why? Turns out old patterns are hard to break. Patterns of protection are also ingrained on a cellular, physiological level. How interesting. (For a great start on Trauma patterns and healing, check out Secret Bad Girl written by my friend Rachael Maddox. For an engaging breakdown of change + growth patterns check out Marie Forleo’s interview with Todd Herman).

For me, it’s about caretaking and vulnerability. Maybe the desire for vulnerability and caretaking as the illusion of safety. It’s all about living more congruently with my desire to be more grounded, more calm, more aware, more energized, more loved (mostly by me). It’s about the struggle between wanting it, remembering how it used to feel, and feeling trapped.IMG_4771

Oh. So. Trapped.
I am not interested in winning the ordinary race. I’m curious and excited about The Edge. The edge of my comfort zone, the edge of my smallness, the edge of my self-imposed limits. They’re safe. But they are stifling.

Who am I + what’s possible if I stopped caretaking (or stepped back from the illusion that I can keep everything together and FIX everything) and started honoring my needs? SUPER ass scary! Wait. I have needs? Not milk + bread when it snows needs. Like real emotional, spiritual, energetic needs? Pfffffff. I don’t have time.

See how insidious it is?!  Knowing I want change and that ingrained pattern which supposes safety is getting tight. The air is getting thin. First is PATIENCE. With myself. Truly. Observe. Breathe. Breathe again. I have a lot of “how interesting” moments. The trick is doing something with the insight.

My plan of action for kicking it up and shedding my too tight, old patterned skin:

Support: from myself. From community. It looks like admitting my needs and where I missed opportunities, increasing my awareness. It looks like jumping on Skype and planning a retreat event with 2 Energy Mavens for August (more details coming). It’s acknowledging where I’m already acting with Ease, Grace, + Abundance. Hold hara for myself. Hmmmm, how interesting.

Courage: Every day I choose to do one less act of caretaking/hiding and step into owning my story, owning my process, setting boundaries for myself, I’m closer to breaking the pattern. Reshaping it to something more aligned with my higher purpose, my blueprint of who I am before I shut it down. (Think back to that 5 year old, 7 or 10 year old version of you. Before you hid your heart, became quiet or started acting out because it was easier than IMG_4780being you.)

Challenging my Internal Dictionary: I’m tough. I’m independent. I’m a Capricorn + French + Fiesty (it’s similar to the 3 strikes of Chestnut + Thoroughbred + Mare). I’ll Do It Myself. Except that can be so hard. And it’s an illusion. So…Vulnerability isn’t a weakness. It’s gratitude, trust, engagement, courage, love. Hmmmm, how interesting.

Trauma doesn’t have to be god-awful to be formative. In fact, most of us have behavior + patterns shaped by trauma. And for me, minimizing my story, my abilities, my self has come to a critical head. I see trauma + how I’ve taken it on. Like a coat. I can shed it.

Bravery is necessary moment by moment. As much as I’d love to be as “brave” + bad ass + super aware/capable as Jason Bourne, what’s more critical to my metamorphosis is bravery with me. Myself. Brave when I look in the mirror and try to love what I see. Brave to stop mid-sentence, think, breathe, and act with grace + ease instead of flight or fight.

Gentleness Reserved only for animals, children, and the elderly. How ‘bout some gentleness for thy self, o’ Stephanie? Like fairy dust. Sprinkle it everywhere. With good intention + wild abandon. Generosity of Gentleness. I like it.

What’s your pattern of “Should”, of hiding, of keeping yourself stuck? What’s tugging at you, nudging you? Join the conversation by leaving a comment or sharing with your friends.

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It’s All About Perspective

“I’ve been crying every day for a month. I’m ready to lose my shit.”

That’s how we started two weeks ago. I was uber fragile, over done, and I cry when I’m mad. And I was mad at ME. How had I let myself get soooo far down this freakin’ rabbit hole? Again?!?!

And it’s all true. From one perspective. I am fierce, determined, and love with my whole self. And I have a crazy attachment to “proving myself through work”. Add in how I love to teach, which can look like me trying to save the world.
Recipe for burn-out, crashed adrenals, and a sugar craving that make holiday desserts vaporize.

My complete dedication of time and energy to the life I committed to for 2015; the job and living situation were coming to a close. But I was feeling trapped. A failure. And so stinking mad at myself. I Busy Progresshad chosen to do what I did because it felt right, but I had left myself stranded at the side of the road for far too long. My athletic pursuits? Pure memories. My business? Pure talk and thinking. Myself? Not present. Busyness is not progress.

When I get mad enough I start to shift things. This last week I shifted a lot. I thought it was just because one thing had come through and that provided the new sense of calm. And work slowed some, which gave me time to follow through on a couple things. Look! I was checking off my to do list.

The power of coaching is everything sometimes. It’s all about perspective. My coach spent an hour with me yesterday reframing, connecting, and intuitively showing me the mirror. It’s funny how we get so mired down in our own crap we totally lose perspective! Ta-da!

When asked about presence, I remembered back to several instances of calm, even while juggling so many different things (I am the Queen of Overscheduling). Presence is the calm in the middle of all chaos.

Synchronicity was pointed out between my previous session and the actions I’d taken the last few days. Now. I discovered a fantastic resource for my next
workshop simply because I actually read an email and clicked a link. I must delete 20 similar emails a day. Perspective. Things happen when I’m ready.

And then…Vulnerability. How, as a caretaker, I choose relationships and circumstances which don’t require me to be vulnerable. I’m safe. Except I’m so sick of playing safe. Terrified as hell because I want it SO badly. And what if I fail?

But, what’s to fail? Being vulnerable. Feeling beneath the surface. Desire + try. It’s uncomfortable, which can induce shrinking. I want to inspire greatness. To feel like I am living up to the compliments from my friends and clients. I need perspective.

The big shift, ah ha, Light Bulb Moment? It came in the form of a question: Did the emotional period last month need to happen to make room for manifesting now?

Say whaaat?!? Duh. Of course. I. Know. That.Assumptions

But, look at the mess I’d made in my head. Perspective. I was laying the foundation for change and growth. I’m ready. I just needed to make space in my heart, head, psyche.

The cool piece about a fabulous coaching session, the mirror of perspective? It breathes space into my thoughts. It gives clarity to the timing, the patterns, and I see how I am empowering myself, I am choosing me, how I am coming home.

Questions to help you check your perspective:

How did presence show up for me this week?

How am I? Notice where you’re choosing yourself, activities, thoughts, patterns of empowering yourself.

Who do I get to be in this relationship/job/role?

Tips + tools, support + accountability, power + clarity of an ass-kicking convo? Discovery Sessions available here and (2) 3 month client spots opening 1/25 and 2/1 here.

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What’s Vision Without Habits?

2016 has arrived. The interwebs are a-buzz with Resolutions, SMART goals, plans, strategies, buzz, buzz, buzz….why does the change in the calendar prompt all these declarations for change in people? Do we need something so impersonal to decide to move ourselves into alignment with our vision, our needs, our own voice? Why do we resist the opportunity to commit to ourselves until the time is set 12:01 AM 2016?Luck is not a strategy

Which gets me wondering what really motivates me? What am I really going to do to change what I want to change, to become the force of confidence building and vibration raising bad-ass support system for other people? …..I have to start with ME.

I’ve been spending a lot of time mulling over what I’ve been doing. Labeling it “reflection”. Really it is a reflection of my choices. Kind of like “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” reflection. Some of it I’m proud of, surprised by my own beauty, heart, dedication, and clarity. I’m also struck by recognition of patterns which don’t serve me: People Pleasing; Perfectionism (in many shapes), Busyness. The coolest piece to come out of the reflection? Tuning back to my intuition. Which has led to more manifestation. (Which I had misplaced for a few years.)

Now, 2016 or not, the timing is serendipitous. My “butcher, baker, candlestick maker” role in the landscape business has been cut down to “butcher and stir fry queen” in the last 2 weeks. The travel portion of holiday celebration is finished. There’s movement in some life circumstances outside my control, we’re prepping to move to our farm (space and quiet here I come!!), and I feel myself opening. Heart open. Mind open. Energetic opening. Big sigh of relief. “Here I am. What took you so long to come back?”

Super cool piece? I’m starting to create habits in line with my vision. Woot woot! Running every day. It clears my head. My moving meditation. Side benefit is fitness. I’m posting every morning to instagram.com/stephaniedEvolveissad It’s my inspiration/graphic/thought provoking mini-blog. I produce it first thing (despite what all the “experts” say about technology before breakfast) and I love it. The questions I ask myself I put out for you too. Confidence Coaching + Creativity in the AM is propelling me.

How can you tap into your deeper self, hold your vision, lean into who you want to be instead of who you think the world thinks you should be? Start small. Progress is about steady effort. Better than yesterday is the goal.

Eight steps to start Visions + Habits = Progress

  1. How do you want to feel? In your body, in your work, in your relationships, in your life. (I want to feel ease, have abundance of time and space, and grace physically, verbally, and in my heart.) Habit: Live more in the feelings you want (instead of “someday”).
  2. What’s stopping you from feeling that way now? (Old patterns which are so easy to fall back into.) Habit: Pay attention. Mindfulness. It’s the same thing. And it get’s easier every time you notice the old pattern and shift forward to the new pattern in line with your vision.
  3. Feel your feelings and breathe into the feeling, embody it. Notice where you feel it and where you don’t. Habit: Spend time with it and use it every day. It’ll become part of you with attention (it’s just a shift in focus, your inner dialogue.)
  4. Where do you get support? Habit: Tell them about your desire to live more congruently. Ask them to lovingly hold you accountable. (My peeps point out my progress and manifestation when I blatantly ignore my own change and growth. Regular coaching sessions help me dig deep and move into my own fabulousness).
  5. Start. Set intention. Your vision. Speak it. Out loud. One step at a time. Paralysis from analysis or waiting to start will keep you stuck. Habit: Just start moving forward. (I’m using the Rituals for Living Dreambook + Planner from Dragon Tree Apothecary, both real books and PDF versions available).
  6. Pay attention to yourself. Habit: Notice yourself. What energizes you? What drains you? Spend more time growing. (I’ll admit this is a challenge. It’s easier for me to focus on doing for others than doing for myself. It’s always a work in progress.)Struggle is real
  7. Consistency. This is the difference between yearly resolutions that fall off by January 15th and true change. Habit: Small steps. Every day. 365 days. You. Are. Enough. 
  8. Set Boundaries. Habit: Make room + time for you. (Inconvenient truth: my lack of boundaries around “doing” for everyone else had me stuck because I was afraid to grow. Hmmm). Boundaries include your calendar. Schedule you first.

Need help implementing Habits to propel you toward your Vision?

I work with women, teens, equestrians, and athletes to build self-confidence, develop your clear voice, and align values and vision.

I do this through 1:1 coaching, workshops, community, experiential education, and with a huge amount of compassion + ass kicking support.

Happening Right Now: I also offer a (3) month pro-bono coaching package to one person per quarter. Next person will be drawn 1/5 on Periscope 3:00PM EST. Stay tuned on Twitter.

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Worthiness is Like Rain

Worthiness is like rain. Right now we’re in a drought.

A big fu*king wasteland. Dust. Scrubby weeds. And barren soil.Drought land

If only it would rain.

If only she felt worthy. Then we could grow. Lush. Verdant. Stretching for the sun. For warmth.


Why is it that we punish and limit ourselves with “worthlessness”, “I’m unworthy”? The equivalent of shame. Starvation. Drought.

We endure this painfulness in our heads and our hearts and yearn for a day when our dreams seem like possibilities.

We are our own Rain Gods.  Our own watering source.

How do we turn on the water, recognize our worth, and start living again?

First, take a deep breath.

Thank yourself, for real, for showing up. Being brave. Investigating.

Ask yourself: “where does this sense of unworthy come from?”

Spend a non-judgmental moment seeing, feeling, breathing into the discovery.

Likely, you’ll find the “unworthy” voice is a fear. A long ago established fear. And the voice belongs to someone else. It’s not your voice.

Hmmm, how interesting…..

Second, Ask yourself if the voice is the truth. Especially of your current situation, life, the path you haven’t started down yet.


Third, Notice where in your body you react to this feeling of unworthiness.

Tense in your upper chest or throat? You’re not communicating your needs.

Tremors in your belly? You’re not being congruent. How you feel and act versus what you want are not in line.

Headache? You’re blocking your own vision. What’s true is hidden behind your fear. Thinking you lack of worth.

Breathe in. “I am worthy.”

Exhale. Let out a little of your self-restricting fear.

Breathe again. “I. Am. Worthy”

Exhale. Let out some of the tension.

And one more time. ”I. AM.  FUC*ING. WORTH. IT”!!

Release. Let it go. Breathe in. How does it feel now?

A physical shift should happen. A space in your chest and head opens. Your heart cracks, just a little, for yourself. For the wounded younger self who’s scared. Who believed all those stories of unworthiness. But, here comes the rain.

Rain drops into the crack in your heart.poppies field in rays sun

Rain melts the dust caked in your eyes. You can see.

You can see. And feel. You. Beautiful, gifted you. You. Are. Worthy.

Worthy of starting. Worthy of love. Worthy of a life you want.

Trust yourself. Trust your intuition. Trust your worth. Old stories stir up dry dust. A fresh perspective is the sunshine on the rain.

Grow. Grow into your worth. Your desires. Your ability.

You. Are. Worthy.

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that’s what she said. Really it was a question. A challenge.

What happens if you just show up? FOR YOURSELF? Now, isn’t that an interesting question.

What does happen if you show up for yourself? What happens when you’re not showing up for yourself? I wager there’s a BIG difference in the quality of the experience, the choices you make, the outcome.

Show up. For me? Not for everyone else first?!?!? I asked my friend a bit incredulously. You’re asking me to do the unthinkable, I thought. NamasteThen I chewed on the question for a moment. I bet my expression looked a bit like the Grinch’s when he realized he hadn’t stopped Christmas from coming. I wouldn’t stop the important people from loving or respecting me. LIGHT BULB!!!! They could respect and love me more. I could lead by example. JUST SHOW UP!!!!! 

So, here’s what “Just Show Up” looked like for me..

Choose to say “I hear you. Let me get back to you on that”, instead of the immediate “yes” that feels SO incongruent.

 I have a tendency, as people pleaser, to say “yes” to a lot of things when I’d rather say “no”, “how ’bout later”, or “let me think about it”. I also have a nick name “The Queen of Overscheduling”. And run around like a crazy woman.

 Just Show Up. It’s a breath of fresh air to choose more consciously. To commit with integrity, not out of compulsion.

Choose to put ME on my to do list. First. That’s right! Just showing up means I get to choose me first. 

I create a loooooooonnnnnnggggg list every morning. I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a large family of 4-leggeds that rely on me. And a creative. And an athlete. ….and all my not showing up has been showing up. No art work produced, missed workouts, late nights and early mornings trying to make it up. 

 Just Show Up. I now block MY writing, yoga, and to do list first. Then the animals.Hipster girl playing with dog at a beach during sunset, silhouettes with vibrant colors Then the landscape biz. Then errands. Then OPEN time. That’s right.  Just Show Up means I block out FREETIME every day. Uncommitted time for spontaniety. who would have thought of that????

Choose with integrity. With Awareness.

 Just Show Up. It’s that simple. If I choose to connect, to show up, be available to myself…how does that influence my decision making? Hugely. And how does it effect my experiece? And the experiece for those around me? Well, I’m happier, more emotionally available, less hectic, more spontaneous.

What happens if YOU show up for YOUWhat changes can you make, what bravery is required, what space develops? Send me a line and let me know what you discover, info@stephanieducharme.com.  Need help shifting your perspective, choosing yourself, Just. Showing. Up.? I can help. Hop on over to my website for more details. www.stephanieducharme.com Now through August 31, new clients intro rate, check it out here: Offering New Clients.

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