My experience as an instructor and trainer makesIMG_2183(2) me uniquely qualified to help riders of all levels, disciplines, and walks of life move beyond fear, anxiety, worry about what others think. My life has revolved around horses from the beginning and I have experienced great freedom, joy, and pride in myself, my horse, our performance. I also have experienced fear, criticism, bad advice, trauma, and heart break with horses and horse people.

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You + Me

Have you lost the joy, the thrill, the freedom of your ride? Do you suffer anxiety just stepping into the barn, in the stirrup, or in the ring? How is your relationship with your horse?

As your coach I will help you rediscover the real reason you started riding; Young woman riding a horsedevelop tools to increase your mental and emotional fitness; shift your riding goals from a death sentence into powerful places of recognition and motivation. Being with horses should sooth your soul, give you peace from the rest of your hectic life, and create a sense of gratitude to share time with an incredible creature. Together we improve your relationship with yourself + your horse.

Ready to see how I can help you create more ease and confidence with your horsey endeavors?

I’m Ready for More Confidence

You + Me + Your Trainer

My true passion is to create a real partnership between rider and horse. In a performance setting I facilitate this relationship with the trainer as well. When everyone comes to the table with an open mind, an open ear, an eye on the goal, and lets the horse determine the time frame, we all win.

Have you lost your cool at the in-gate? Do you dread “feed-back” at the out-gate?¬†Break into a cold sweat in the warm up ring? Do you feel like you and your trainer speak different languages or have different goals for you and your horse? Together, with a respectful, honest and open inquiry, we work together to re-establish confidence, team effort, and performance goals which build you and your horse up.

2 Ways to Build Confidence:

Conference Call: You+Me+Trainer. Multiple sessions to get to the heart of the discord, lack of confidence, and tension. We strategize practices, exercises, and methods of communication that repair and rebuild trust, joy, and clarity into your relationship.

Lesson: You+Me+Trainer. I travel to your facility, have a horseless coaching session to investigate old patterns of communication, fear, and tension. I then participate in a lesson with you and your trainer where we weave in the work from the coaching session. Results from the exercises and discussion are immediate, palpable, and create muscle memory for a more positive and joyful experience the next time you ride.

I’m Ready for More Confidence